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    My favorite one is the CNC mill I built from an old 1954 Benchmaster mill. It's heavy duty and very rigid. It works excellent and I run it with Mach3. Original mill before CNC conversion. The mill is old and uses worn out ACME lead screws. This is not ideal for a CNC machine so I .

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    Used Ram Type (Horizontal & Vertical) Mill for sale (14) currently in stock Brand New Ram Type (Horizontal & Vertical) Mill for sale (2) currently in stock. View Machines A mill that has a swiveling cutting head mounted on a sliding ram. The spindle can be oriented either vertically or horizontally, or anywhere in between.

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    Hi - Well I got a nice old Benchmaster milling machine a couple of weeks back, and have been slowly taking it apart to clean and check it over. Looking at the vertical milling head, I see there's some zig zag lines that have been etched into the mounting shaft. They look to be put there purposely but I can't figure out what for. Oil retention?

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    Get high quality metalworking machines including drill press machines, magnetic drills, radial drills, vertical mill drills, and more at Baileigh Industrial.

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    Duro & Benchmaster Milling Machines Continued here: page 2 of 2. Sold as the "Duro" only during 1942 (the year of its introduction), but made until the 1950s as the "Benchmaster", the Duro milling machine was made by the Duro Manufacturing Company at 800 East Sixty-First Street, Los Angles in

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    Benchmaster Mill Restoration and use of a nifty little horizontal milling machine I picked up. Show more 93 ...