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    Sincethequantityofdampsand(loosemeasure)variedwiththe moisture content, thedryweight of3 cubic feetof sand at the first delivery was obtainedandfound to be220pounds.

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    Blocks & Bricks. Some of the main features and highlights of Sand Lime Bricks & Blocks, they are: Distinguished for their attractive architectural appearance due to their appealing outside surfaces, their accurate symmetrical dimensions, straight edges and the orderly distribution of colors.

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    These bricks have general application, and they are not used for construction an attractive work. Plastering or rendering is required when they are used for constructing a wall. Sand Lime Brick: Sand Lime Bricks go comparative a long process than the clay brick. The core materials used for producing such bricks are – sand, fly ash and lime.

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    Brick walls become dull and discolored over time. Homeowners often use paint for a colorful brick finish, but there is a preferable alternative. Limewash covers bricks with a coating that absorbs into the masonry without trapping moisture. It's made of natural nontoxic ingredients and it .

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    Experimental Studies on Fly Ash-Sand-Lime Bricks with Gypsum Addition. Tahmina Banu 1, Md. Muktadir Billah 1, Fahmida Gulshan 1, ASW Kurny 1,. 1 Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh