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    Wire Welding guns include Miller MIG Guns, Bernard MIG Guns, Flux-Cored Guns and the Bernard™ Fume Extraction Gun. Other wire welding guns are Spool Guns, Push-Pull Guns and Submerged Arc Torches. The Miller Weldcraft Torch is for Tig welding. Metal cutting torches from Miller are Plasma Cutting Torches and Oxy-Fuel Torches.

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    We Compete Effectively in Today's Global Business Environment by Constantly Delivering Cost Competitive and Optimum Quality Used EZIO PENSOTTI Plano Miller.It Is Used in Heavy Industries for the Purpose of Creating Flat and Angular Surface via Routing, Cutting and Welding.

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    Praxair Distribution's retail branch located at 1960 Forest Lane in Garland, TX offers a broad array of industrial gases, welding gases, welding supplies and safety equipment. Available Brands. Miller Welding, Lincoln Electric, , ESAB Welding and Cutting, Hypertherm, Holbart Filler Metals, Jackson, Tillman, Harris, Alcotec, Smith, Victor.