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  • LED vs Fluorescent - The Home Depot

    You can bring old CFLs to The Home Depot for free recycling. Visit the Eco Options website to learn more. If you're concerned about the mercury content in CFLs, consider LED bulbs. One of many LED advantages is that they don't contain mercury and do not have the same cleanup constraints. They are just as energy-efficient.

  • Recycling plastics - what the numbers mean + cheat sheet ...

    Aug 01, 2009 · For maximum visibility and convenience, cut out the plastics recycling cheat sheet and place it close to where your garbage or recycling bins are, on the bin itself or in places such as staff kitchen areas. If you have no way of recycling plastics you can't place in your recycling bin, you may just wish to cut out the first 3 columns.

  • Victor2 Upscale Recycle Bin - Steelcase

    Victor2 encourages recycling with upscale and streamlined aesthetics. ple surface material options allow you to blend across Steelcase product lines and create a culture of recycling in cafes, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

  • Best Range Features | Smart Ranges & Stoves | Samsung US

    Unique middle-hinged door can open just the top section or the full oven for total flexibility and energy efficiency. Used with the Flex Duo™ Smart Divider, it's like having two ovens in one. ... Our ranges and over the range microwaves were designed to go together, and provide a sleek and professional look to any kitchen. ... * For S.T.A.R ...

  • Recycling | Summit County, CO - Official Website

    For recycling drop-off options in Dillon and Silverthorne see drop-off location information from High Country Conservation Center. Here at SCRAP, we accept appliances, electronic recycling, hazardous waste, motor oil and antifreeze, scrap metal, tires and wood waste for recycling.

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  • Recycling Containers & Waste Bins | Busch Systems USA

    We have been designing high-quality, customized recycling and trash receptacles for over 30 years starting with the original curbside recycle bin in 1983. Since then, we've broke the mold with a number of best-selling economy and high-end designer recycling and waste stations that have refined a function-first, attraction-later industry.

  • Recycling Advantages & Disadvantages: The Ups & Downs of ...

    Dec 19, 2016 · Let's just get the two financial issues out of the way first. Establishing new recycling protocols often involves a high initial cost. Recycling isn't a process that just happens. There are units that need to be set up, factory upgrades that need to be .

  • Can Electric Car Batteries Be Recycled? | HowStuffWorks

    Happily, the answer is yes -- the batteries that power electric cars (and hybrids, for that matter) can be recycled. For decades, the few electric vehicles that were on the road were powered by lead-acid batteries. The latest models, with their lighter weight and longer range, use lithium-ion batteries, just like laptops and cell phones. In ...