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    The station wagon is a variant of the sedan or saloon. The difference between station wagons and regular sedans is that the station wagon has no trunk, plus the roofs are extended rearwards over a shared passenger or cargo volume with access in the back.

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    When Chevrolet introduced the Corvair in late 1959 it was an immediate success and within a couple of years there were a number of Corvair models available including a nice lineupof work trucks and vans but the Corvair station wagon never really took off with wagons only being offered for 1961-62.

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    Ford Station Wagons 1929-1991 Photo History [Paul G. McLaughlin, Paul G. Laughlin] on Amazon. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first station wagons were built to carry rail passengers and their luggage to and from the station and were called Depot Hacks . By the 1950s station wagons had become a common feature of suburban living.