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    Nov 14, 2018 · Antimony is a little-known metalloid commonly used in lead-acid batteries and fire retardants, and while deposits are found worldwide, China's large resource, low cost of production and significant processing capacity has seen the country dominate .

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    For the ores of group (1) and (3), standard gold-processing and antimony-processing technology is applied, respectively. The recovery of traces of gold and antimony from these ores is only interesting for waste products, as this does not cause losses in the recovery of the main metal.

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    Mar 03, 2011 · Exposure to antimony occurs in the workplace or from skin contact with soil at hazardous waste sites. Breathing high levels of antimony for a long time can irritate the eyes and lungs, and can cause problems with the lungs, heart, and stomach. This chemical has been found in at least 403 of 1,416 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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    Antimony and antimony alloys are a great way to harden other metals by melting and mixing them in. Remember Antimony melts at over 1100 F, so if your looking to harden up a lead alloy you already have, try our Super Hard alloy that easily blends in at only 750 F.

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