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    Dec 18, 2012 · Paint, grease balls, or other impurities recycling through your gun will quickly lead to poor performance and require gun disassembly. Soda blasting This newer variant on abrasive blasting uses water-soluble baking soda. Soda is amazing for paint removal and for fragile materials like brass, copper, aluminum, and glass, but not so good with rust.

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    Paint is a coating material based on organic binders and, depending on the composition of the binding agent, can contain organic solvents and/or water. The organic or inorganic pigments that are finely dispersed in the binder give the paint its color. In general, paint is composed of binders, solvents, fillers, pigments and additives.

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    Angle grinders are used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. Some models are cordless and don't require a power source. Masonry grinders are designed to cut grooves or channels in masonry or concrete, while concrete grinders can be used for grinding away adhesive residue, paint, .

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    Wire brushes are valuable for cleaning the other paint scrapers, as well as non-paint-related tools such as drywall compound knives. How to Scrape Paint With a Wire Brush. On areas of prominently peeling paint, sweep the brush lightly up and down, parallel to the edge of the peeling paint.