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    Hanil Scientific Inc. attended JASIS, Chiba,Japan, Sep 5-7, 2018. JASIS is one of the largest exhibition in Asia for analytical and scientific instruments. We exhibited our latest centrifuge, Co2 incubator and concentrator. JASIS 2018 generated a lot of interest for Hanil Scientific Inc. .

  • Ika Mf10 at Thomas Scientific

    Ika Mf10 found in: MF 10 Basic Microfine Grinder Drive, Thomas No. 1203C62 Continuously operating universal grinder. Powerful drive Easy to clean..

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    The abfarad (abbreviated abF) is an obsolete CGS unit of capacitance equal to 10 9 farads (1 gigafarad, GF). The statfarad (abbreviated statF) is a rarely used CGS unit equivalent to the capacitance of a capacitor with a charge of 1 statcoulomb across a potential difference of 1 statvolt. It is 1/(10 −5 c 2) farad, approximately 1.1126 ...

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    • New Spectro Scientific Introduction Video . Upcoming Events • Dealer's Meeting, September 16-19 • SMRP 27th Annual Conference, October 7-10 • Machinery Lubrication Conference, November 4-6 • DoD Maintenance Symposium, December 9-12 . Blog

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    "We are a science company with a vision to be the leader in improving the health and minds of people worldwide. By creating and supporting STEM-based products and initiatives, we empower medical professionals, inspire the next scientific leaders, and help children foster critical learning skills for .

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    Your source for innovative, indispensable lab equipment, lab supplies, and services. View our wide selection of products for scientific research and education.