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  • Swix EVO Electric Ski Wax Scraper Sharpener T412-110

    Swix EVO Electric Ski Wax Scraper Sharpener. The Swix EVO electric scraper sharpener quickly and easily puts a new edge on worn plastic scrapers. Transform your dull, chipped, or cupped scrapers into sharp, usable tools in just a few seconds. Compact enough to take on the road, it weighs less than 2 pounds. Accepts scrapers 3-6 mm in thickness.

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    Feb 01, 2015 · The toko scraper sharpener I have is one of my better tuning purchases. Makes that perfect almost burred edge, takes off wax so much better than a dull sharpener. I run it through the sharpener once per coat of wax usually, especially with Harder waxes. If you can afford it buy it, pays for itself in time saved in my opinion.

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    Part Number: 5541910. The Toko Scraper Sharpener is essential to any wax technician. It is no fun trying to scrape ski wax with a dull scraper. Tokeep a sharp edge on your wax scraper, give it a pass or two through the Toko Scraper Sharpener.