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    A friend and I started playing TERA and have finished the section on Stepstone Isle and are now in Velika. We are in a party together and have added each other to our friends lists. So far any main story quests we've done have been separate, so we were just doing them at the same time.

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    BAM is an acronym for big-ass monster in TERA. These monsters are occasionally also called boss monsters or elite monsters. Generally the idea of BAM is formalized meme of MMORPGs, where the bigger the monster is, the more powerful he is. BAMs are also typically higher level than player...

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    I just endured the 1-65 grind as a new player reaching 65 in under a days playtime, but now that I've hit 65 I'm completely lost as to what to do. I'm about half way to my tensus weapon. I'm won a few diamonds/emeralds in CS, and I'm just completely lost. I'm sitting here in the Idoneal 65 gear and the 62 avatar weapon (Because idoneal doesn't have a gunner weapon apparently) and I'm ...

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    Hi everyone ~ Since "first of the server" achievement for ninja is going to be given to all players reaching the level cap during 24 hours I thought it would have been nice to give it a shot ( not having the stress to lose the title to someone else for a bunch of seconds looks nice...even though those people surely merited their achievements and have all my respect ) .

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    Tera Online News and Guides: Leveling Guide: Grinding Spots. BAM Grinding As the name suggests, this method involves mostly grinding off BAMs over questing. This section is recommended for more experienced players, and is assuming you keep all your gear updated and you have a +9 avatar weapon, or you are a healer with a leveling partner. Get Price

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    Mar 29, 2019 · Ofc i have no problem if leveling takes a bit longer. People arguing back in lvl 60 we took around 3 - 4 weeks for max level but there is a big difference. for 1 - 60 you got actual interessting Story Quest and you didn't need to grind from level 1 - 60 only with Mobs. If this was the case TERA wouldn't exist anymore today.

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    May 23, 2018 · Lvl Guide offically Starts at 7:09 I little leveling guide others keep asking me about in Tera since I level so quickly. I will admit this is not a normal way to level and its really grindy but I ...