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    A certificate is like a promise: You promise to set aside a fixed amount of cash for a set period of time, from six months to five years. In return, we give you a higher dividend rate than you could get in a regular savings account. Our rate is guaranteed for the term of the deposit.

  • Use the CE Marking When Exporting to the European Union

    May 20, 2016 · The CE Mark a particular form of testing or certification. It should not be confused with third-party certification marks. The CE Mark simply allows a product to be placed on the market within the European Community. And it gives the national administration members confidence that essential requirements of relevant directives have been met.

  • EAC conformity mark of the Eurasian Economic Union

    Products to be placed on the market in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union for the first time are subject to the conformity assessment in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union in form of anEAC certification or EAC declaration.If the conformity check is successful, the products must be marked with the EAC conformity mark.

  • In which countries is the CE marking required?

    In which countries is the CE marking required? The CE marking is currently required in the following countries: 1. Austria (since 1995) ... Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but for some products it accepts the CE marking as a presumption of conformity with Swiss national technical regulations. ... What does CE certification cost?

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