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  • Kirkvine, Ewarton & Mt Rosser bauxite residue landfills

    Kirkvine, Ewarton & Mt Rosser bauxite residue landfills Jamaica The journey When Rio Tinto Alcan's (RTA's) alumina refineries and mining operations in Jamaica were sold to the Glencore group in 2001, a number of bauxite residue landfill sites associated with the plants were retained with the understanding that RTA would safely

  • US Court approves sale of Noranda smelter - Jamaica Observer

    US Court approves sale of Noranda smelter ... The Government of Jamaica owns 51 per cent of the assets of Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners, which is managed and operated by Noranda Bauxite .

  • Bauxite in Jamaica - Geo for CXC

    Jamaica contains some of the largest known deposits of bauxite in the world. The mining areas are located in the western and central parts of the island. After mining, most of the bauxite is carried to alumina plants where it is refined into alumina. The alumina (or in some cases unrefined bauxite) is carried to export ports by rail.

  • Jamaica - Industry

    The departure of foreign companies encouraged the government to buy into the bauxite industry, and by 1986 the government-run Clarendon Aluminum Plant was the most successful producer on the island. Jamaica's bauxite reserves are large, exceeding 1.5 billion tons.

  • Jamaica's Bauxite And Alumina Industry.jm

    Jamaica's share of world bauxite output has therefore fallen from 18.1% in the 1970s to about 7.1% of total world production of 205 million tonnes in 2008. With over one-half of the country's alumina capacity still closed in 2012, and output hovering around the 10 million tonne per annum mark, Jamaica's position in the world industry would ...

  • Jamaica government optimistic about future of bauxite ...

    KINGSTON, Jamaica, Mar 2, CMC – A senior government minister says the future of Jamaica's bauxite and alumina sector remains bright and prosperous, with great prospects for further investments.

  • Jamaica Gleaner - Kaiser sold - Tuesday | October 5, 2004

    Oct 05, 2004 · Kaiser sold published: Tuesday | October 5, 2004. ... Kaiser Jamaica Bauxite Company produces about 4.5 million tons of bauxite annually and two-thirds of this is shipped to Grammercy for processing to alumina. The Gramercy refinery has the capacity to produce 1.25 million metric tons of alumina a year and Century and Noranda each purchase ...

  • Mr. Brassington's statements on the Rusal bauxite deal ...

    May 15, 2018 · a. Every tonne of bauxite produced by the state-owned industry was sold. In fact, the state-owned companies have never been able to produce enough to meet market demands. The argument where emphasis is being placed that the market was difficult for the companies is deceptive, for even the low-grade bauxite had a market; b.

  • What does Jamaica export and where

    By far the largest commercial export of Jamaica is Bauxite Ore, which is carried in large bulk containers to Canada, England and the United States where it is processed into aluminium.

  • Jamaica - Land of Wood and Water - Country Profile ...

    Destination Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea is situated west of Hispaniola and south of Cuba, about 870 km (540 mi) south east of Miami. Jamaica shares maritime borders with the Cayman Islands (), Colombia, Cuba, and Haiti.Nearby Caribbean island nations are Dominican Republic and Haiti on the island of Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

  • Jamaica: An Island of Opportunity for Mining Investment | INN

    Jamaica is more than an island in the Caribbean — it's also a destination for mining investment that investors may want to consider. Jamaica attracted a record 4.3 million tourists in 2017 ...

  • Bauxite Residue Management

    Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Venezuela and Vietnam. In the Bayer process, bauxite is heated under high temperature and pressure conditions in caustic soda to form a solution of sodium aluminate leaving behind an insoluble residue. The sodium aluminate is then filtered and aluminium hydroxide crystals are encouraged to precipitate.