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    Sweden timeline covering an arranged chronological timetable of key events within a particular historical period - by worldatlas

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    Swedish pre-history ends around 800 AD, when the Viking Age begins and written sources are available. The Viking Age lasted until the mid-11th century, when the Christianization of Scandinavia was largely completed when Sweden became the last Norse country to adopt Christianity. Scandinavia was formally Christianized by 1100 AD.

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    Sweden has a history of Vikings, kings and queens. In this lesson you will learn interesting facts about the history of Sweden, including what makes it such a unique country.

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    With little success, Sweden left the war in 1634, but continued battling with Denmark and Norway for regional superiority. Sweden finally defeated Denmark and Norway in the two wars of 1643-45 and 1657-58, becoming a leading Lutheran power. These wars were partly a result of Sweden aggressively expanding its borders through occupation.

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    Heritage and History of Sweden : Sweden's early history, like its day-to-day life, is intimately wrapped up with the natural rhythms of season and climate.It was the end of the Ice Age that brought the first inhabitants to Scandinavia more than twelve thousand years ago, as the receding glaciers and the warming climate turned barren permafrost into lush plains and vast forests.

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    Beginning in prehistoric times and culminating with the Dacke rebellion of 1542, renowned novelist Vilhelm Moberg's two-volume popular history of the Swedish people approaches its subject from the viewpoint of the common people, documenting peasants's lives as well as those of the royal families.

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    Aug 31, 2018 · Join us as we uncover the history of Swedish vikings who raided and plundered across eastern Europe, but who also traded, ruled and settled the eastern and southern lands in great numbers.