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    Biosand Filters A practitioner's knowledge base. A biosand filter (BSF) is an adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter, which has been used for community drinking water treatment for 200 years.


    'Intermittent Sand Filters for Sewage Treatment'. It is intended to provide guidelines for the design, installation and operation of intermittent biological sand filters for use as 'secondary' or 'tertiary' units for the treatment of domestic wastewater. The design guidelines given do not differ a .

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    In view of the difficulty of cleaning more conventionally designed wastewater filters,13 the design of filters using subfluidization water backwash is subject to serious question. It is anticipated that large portions of such beds will become agglomerated and inactive in the filtration function.


    The depth of sand bed should be such that the flocs do not break through the sand bed .Normally the depth of sand varies from 60 to 90 cm .figure(ii) shows sand layer and gravel layer in a filter DESIGN STEPS FOR ESTIMATION OF SAND DEPTH : The depth of sand can be checked against break through of flocs through sand bed by

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    The usual answer is to "sand line" the drainfield creating a septic design known as a bottomless sand filter. This design is simply a pressurized drainfield built over a 2 foot deep bed of ASTM C-33 concrete sand which is available at all gravel crushing operations. Imported .

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    Pressure Sand Filter Diameter Calculator; Calculations for Activated Carbon Filter; Softener Calculation; Login; Pressure Sand Filter Diameter Calculator. Water Engineer > Water Treatment Calculator > Pressure Sand Filter Diameter Calculator. Username . Password . .

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    Rapid Sand Filter Design. Problem: Design a rapid sand filter to treat 10 million litres of raw water per day allowing 0.5% of filtered water for backwashing. Half hour per day is used for bakwashing. Assume necessary data. Solution: Total filtered water = 10.05 x 24 x 10 6 = 0.42766 Ml / h 24 x 23.5. Let the rate of filtration be 5000 l / h / m 2 of bed. ...

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    Appendix I. Sand Filter Design Example # Assume inflow pipe diameter = 1 ft # Assume over the crown pipe cover = 2 ft # Final surface elevation above sand filter = 101 ft = 98 ft + 2 ft + 1 ft # Depth of filter layer: df-max = 3 feet df-min = 1.8 feet 2. Peak Discharge Calculation for Bypass Flow

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    Feb 16, 2016 · You can use my beach sand calculator... Amount: 1 pound (lb) of beach sand weight ... If you mean calculate as in design calculation you need to find a formula for sand filter design.Then its pretty straight forward. Good luck! _____ Common Sense Dictates Register to Reply: IdeaSmith. Guru. Join Date: Mar 2012 ...

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    Standard design practice of Rapid Sand filter: Maximum length of lateral = not less than 60 times its diameter. Spacing of holes = 6 mm holes at 7.5 cm c/c or 13 at 15 c/c. C.S area of lateral = not less than 2 times area of perforations. C.S area of manifold = 2 times total area of laterals. Maximum loss of head = .

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    sand layer, deep penetration and short filter runs could not be permitted. This difficulty led to the development of the American or rapid sand filter system in which aluminum or iron salts were used to coagulate the colloidal matter prior to filtration. The early rapid sand filter systems