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  • CoorsTek | Global Leader in Engineered Technical Ceramics

    CoorsTek is the global leader in technical ceramics. With over 50 locations worldwide, manufactures advanced ceramic components for virtually every industry.

  • ceramiccement - C3 Site

    Superior quality, eco-safe, high strength ceramic cement products that make a world of difference. X-Rok Radiation Shield. EkoRok Infrastructure Repair. C3 Research & Development.

  • Precision Ceramic Glass Machining and Grinding | Firing

    Ceramic Machining and Firing ... Diamond Grinding of Ceramics. Accuratus has a full complement of grinding equipment for the machining of hard materials. Precision dimensional tolerances of 5 microns (.0002") and surface finishes of 0.2 microns (8 microinches) are routinely maintained during production. ...

  • Massachusetts Ceramics Grinding, NH Alumina Oxide Ceramic ...

    Since 1962, Ceramics Grinding has specialized in providing ceramic machining and ceramic grinding services to companies in a variety of industries throughout the U.S., ranging from aerospace and defense systems companies to research departments in leading Universities.

  • About ETD Precision Ceramics Corporation

    ETD Precision Ceramics Corporation is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. ETD's power rests in the desire to surpass customer expectations through our associate's dedication to excellence. All of our team members have gained widespread awareness and knowledge of the industry through working for local ceramic companies.

  • Washington Mills Ceramics Corporation - A Worldwide Leader ...

    Mass finishing or vibratory finishing is a method of finishing that cleans, radiuses, burnishes, deburrs, polishes and improves the surface finish of a manufactured part. Washington Mills Ceramics manufactures and distributes a wide range of non-abrasive, mild, medium and fast cutting vibratory media options for vibratory finishing applications through the use of DURAMEDIA® ceramic media ...

  • U. S. Stoneware

    U.S. Stoneware was founded in 1865 and manufactures its products in a 70,000 sq. ft. facility located just south of Youngstown, Ohio. Early in its history, U.S. Stoneware developed an expertise in formulating ceramic materials with superior wear resistance to meet the .

  • CeramTec – The Ceramic Experts

    CeramTec is an international Manufacturer and Supplier of Technical Ceramics. The Ceramic Experts offer a Portfolio with well over 10,000 different Products, Components and Parts, made of a Variety of engineered ceramic Materials. They are used in a wide Range of Applications.

  • ETD Precision Ceramics Corporation

    ETD Precision Ceramics Corporation exercises the earth's toughest artifacts through meticulous machining and grinding instruments for many of the industry's leading organizations. ETD can work with customer's supplies or directly produce from our top quality materials (Hi Purity Quartz and Alumina 99.5% and higher).

  • Tiger Ceramic | Weiler - Weiler Corporation

    Tiger Ceramic Grinding Wheels - Type 27. Tiger Ceramic Combo Wheels. The Ceramic Advantage . Ceramic grain utilizes a crystalline structure that is designed with millions of fracture points that self-sharpen at a higher rate than other grains. The result is a higher material removal rate, faster cutting speeds and reduced friction at less ...

  • Ceramics Grinding Co Inc

    Operational since 1962, Ceramics Grinding Co. Inc. has been providing ceramic machining and grinding services to various companies in the United States. The company serves customers in a variety of sectors, including defense, medical, microwave, photonics, semiconductor and .

  • Ceramic Grinding | Hard Technical Ceramics

    Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc. specializes in the precision machining and grinding of hard materials such as alumina, sapphire, boron nitride, ferrite, quartz and .