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    Plant your garden view inside. Even if it's cold and wet outside, a few beautiful plants and plant pots will mean it's always summer, somewhere in your home. Plants can create a feeling of peace, and caring for them helps us slow down and appreciate the here and now.

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    2 similar plants found show... - - Genista (Broom) Genistas are tough deciduous shrubs bearing yellow, pea-like flowers in late spring and early summer. The leaves are small and dark green. Genistas grow best on poor infertile soils and will cope with both acid and alkaline conditions.

  • How Do Big Plants Grow From Such Small Seeds?

    Mar 17, 2017 · Why are there so many plants? How are seeds made? How does germination work? How can plants grow so big if they start from such a small seed? Why are flowers different colors? Why are plants and trees green? Where does dirt come from? In this episode of But Why, we're talking about plants with garden consultant Charlie Nardozzi.

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    Mar 29, 2019 · How to Graft Plants. Grafting is a technique of combining two plants or pieces of plants so they grow together. This allows you to combine the qualities of a strong, disease-resistant plant with the qualities of another plant, usually one...