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    Practical Coilgun Design. Want to know more about magnetism in coilguns? Want to know why and how electromagnets work? Want some math to help analyze coilguns?. For background, here are some relevent coilgun topics on "the theory of electromagnets".

  • Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis - Practical Design and ...

    Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis - Practical Design and Theory Details Modernized biomass gasification for power generation has attracted increasing interests as .


    THE PRIZE IN ECONOMIC SCIENCES 2012 INFORMATION FOR THE PUBLIC Stable matching: Theory, evidence, and practical design This year's Prize to Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth extends from abstract theory developed in the 1960s, over empirical work in the 1980s, to ongoing efforts to find practical solutions to real-world prob-

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    Modern organizational theory. There was a wave of scholarly attention to organizational theory in the 1950s, which from some viewpoints held the field to still be in its infancy. A 1959 symposium held by the Foundation for Research on Human Behavior in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was published as Modern Organization Theory.

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    There seems to be an important need for a more precise and practical definition of a design theory. The current notion of design theory, one that involves a dualist engagement of both design process and product, limits the acceptability of design theory as scientific theory.