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    Surface Coal Mining Operations Law and Legal Definition. According to 30 USCS § 1291 (28), the term surface coal mining operations means--"(A) activities conducted on the surface of lands in connection with a surface coal mine or subject to the requirements of section 516 [30 USCS § 1266] surface operations and surface impacts incident to an ...

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    When coal has been extracted from the area, the roof is allowed to collapse. Over 75% of the coal in the deposit can be extracted from panels of coal that can extend 3km through the coal seam. Technological advancements have made coal mining today more productive than it has ever been.

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    Define coal mine. coal mine synonyms, coal mine pronunciation, coal mine translation, English dictionary definition of coal mine. Noun 1. coal mine - a mine where coal is dug from the ground coalpit colliery, pit - a workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and...

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    Jan 11, 2019 · canary in a coal mine (plural canaries in a coal mine or canaries in coal mines) Something whose sensitivity to adverse conditions makes it a useful early indicator of such conditions; something which warns of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a .

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