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    Cryogenic Grinding of Teeth and Bones for DNA Extraction Reference: Sweet DJ, Hildebrand DP. Recovery of DNA from human teeth by cryogenic grinding. J Forensic Sci 1998;43(6):1199-1202. Supplies: • SPEX™ Freezer Mill Model 6750 and polycarbonate tube assembly • Liquid Nitrogen 2L

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    Mills and Grinders. In a laboratory, most materials required for sampling are, in practice, non-homogeneous mixtures. The best method of obtaining a small representative sample of the non-uniform whole is to take a quantity of the material large enough to be compositionally representative and reduce it to a fine homogeneous powder.

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    Cryogenic materials of one sort or another are used in most of the forensic labs across the country. On a daily basis, we might receive shipments packed with dry ice, preserve samples with liquid nitrogen, keep our equipment cooled, and in some cases, use techniques that use cryogenic liquids, such as cryogenic grinding of samples.