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  • Design of Bord and Pillar method in coal mines

    Feb 27, 2016 · DESIGN OF BORD AND PILLAR WORKING The main elements of Bord and Pillar workings are as follows – 1. Size of the Panel 2. Size of the Barrier 3. Size of Pillars 9. 1. SIZE OF THE PANEL The main consideration in deciding the size of the panel is the incubation period of the coal seam.

  • une, 2018 Future of Bulk Production from Underground Coal ...

    Successful Introduction of High Capacity Longwall at Adriyala, SCCL will pave the way for introduction ... The first fully mechanised Bord and pillar system using continuous miner technology started its operation in 2002 at Chirimiri, Anjun hill mine at SECL. Since

  • Productivity Improvement in Underground Coal Mines - A ...

    The only way to achieve this is to reduce production costs by improving productivity, efficiency and the effectiveness of the equipment. This paper aims to identify the various factors and problems affecting the productivity of underground coal mines adopting the bord and pillar method of mining and to propose suitable measures for improving them.

  • Pillar Strength in Underground Stone Mines in the United ...

    Pillar strength in underground stone mines in the United States G.S. Esterhuizen n, n ... Pillars were found to have been successful in providing support to the overburden, but a small number of individual failed pillars were observed. ... ple pillar Interiorfailures have occurred in stone mines in the United

  • Numerical Study on an Applicable Underground Mining .

    whereas pillars at the first slice and parting failed in non- superimposed pattern development. Subsequently, the pillars size and parting thickness were increased and the response was investigated. However, it was found that the conventional -slice bord-and-pillar could not be successful in the soft extra-thick seams due to the prob-

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    pillars are kept almost equal, while in Bord & Pillar, pillar size is much larger than bord (gallery). The room and pillar system is used in mining coal, iron and copper ores mainly when found as blanket sediments, stone and aggregates, talc, soda ash and potash. About 3000 million tonnes of coal is locked up in standing pillars (Dixit and Mishra