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  • CS Unitec Underwater Hydraulic Angle Grinder 1 1585 0010 ...

    Ohio Power Tool offers a full line of CS Unitec tools and accessories including grinders, drills, sanders, saws, mag drills and more. ... CS Unitec Underwater Hydraulic Angle Grinder 1 1585 0010 CS1 1585 0010. MSRP: $3,243.00. Our Price: $3,080.85 ... electric tools and hydraulic equipment. Our experienced staff can help you find the right tool ...

  • AXSUB Inc - Equipment for the Commercial Diving Supplies

    Commercial Diving Supplies is a proud retailer and supplier of Commercial Diving Equipment to the World. We are operated by AXSUB® in Canada ().We strive to offer to you the highest level of customer service and satisfaction along with most competitive prices available for your products in today's market.

  • Underwater Hydraulic & Metal Die Grinders | CS Unitec

    CS Unitec has the highest quality underwater hydraulic grinders in the industry. Utilized by commercial agencies and government organizations to work rigging platforms, conduct underwater archaeological excavations or perform deep water salvaging operations, CS Unitec has all of the underwater grinders needed to maintain, construct or salvage in a marine environment.

  • ABI Muck Grinder | Aquatic Biologists, Inc.

    The ABI Muck Grinder is designed to do tough jobs that are too small or inaccessible for large hydraulic dredges. It works like an underwater 66" snow blower with a feeder mixer in a shroud and a pump attached directly to the back of the shroud.

  • Underwater Tools | Divewise Equipment

    DiveWise Equipment water hydraulic drills and grinders are driven by high pressure water and do not require a hydraulic power pack, hydraulic fluid or return hose. Instead, the powerful, compact and ergonomic DiveWise Equipment underwater tools are driven by the same high pressure unit used for cavitation cleaning or water blasting and connected via a single neutrally buoyant high pressure hose.

  • HTC Ltd - Specialised Tools & Equipment - Underwater ...

    For Hire > Speciality Products > Underwater Grinder 9'' Disk - 15-38 LPM Want to know more? ENQUIRE NOW + Add to shortlist ...

  • Underwater Grinding and Polishing | Divewise Equipment

    DiveWise Equipment water hydraulic underwater tools are water driven and compatible with the same high pressure unit used for cavitation cleaning. The GR100 Underwater Peanut Grinder and the GR200 and GR300 Underwater Vertical Grinders are connected via a single Neutrally Buoyant high pressure hose for grinding and cutting materials, finishing welds, brushing surfaces and polishing propellers.

  • Mahlkonig - King of Grinders - Prima Coffee

    Mahlkonig excels in quality and dependability, using both modern machinery and expert hand-crafting to build each grinder. Mahlkonig has won the top spot as Grinder Sponsor for the World Barista Championships from 2009 through 2014 which features their K30 Vario and K30 Twin espresso grinders.

  • Underwater Tools | Hydraulic & Air Tools | CS Unitec

    Our line of select pneumatic and hydraulic tools for underwater applications include - drills, saws, grinders, impact wrenches and other tools. From underwater metal, concrete and wood drills, hacksaws, reciprocating saws, chain saws and band saws to hydraulic grinders and power units, our heavy duty tools get the job done.

  • The Power Tools That Work Underwater - Popular Mechanics

    Aug 09, 2017 · The Nemo angle grinder hits 6,500 rpm underwater and 9,500 rpm on land. When I headed to the bathroom in my 7-mm wetsuit and snorkel, carrying a .

  • Underwater Welding Equipment: Power Tools | Water Welders ...

    Jan 06, 2015 · As you can see, underwater power tools aren't just a "category" in an underwater welder's arsenal. They truly make the difference between a dive project completed quickly.or not completed at all. They come with more power, weight and size, along with extra destructive power than other underwater welding equipment.