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  • Small vs. large: Which size farm is better for the planet ...

    Sep 02, 2014 · 2. Small, diversified farms bring benefits to their communities. I've never talked with anyone who thinks incorporating agriculture into communities is .

  • What is the Most Profitable Type of Small Scale farming?

    Whether it is small scale farming, a mechanics shop, or a computer manufacturing company, these are the things that I have observed and shown to be critical in success. One of the best ways to become profitable, is research. The USDA has shared the following list of successful types of small scale farming.

  • Defining Small-Scale Farmers in the South African Context

    Defining Small-Scale Farmers in the South African Context. ... Most of the work on the relationship between farm size and productivity strongly suggests that farms that rely mostly on family labor ...

  • Urban, Suburban & Small-Scale Hobby Farms

    Urban, Suburban & Small-Scale Hobby Farms Learn everything you need to start a hobby farm. Learn how to raise chickens, pigs and bees and maintain a successful, small-scale farm.

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    The free Small Farm Quarterly online magazine "features articles with a variety of technical advice and farmer stories with the goal of supporting the growing farming movement in the Northeastern US. National Small Farm Conference Series. USDA. National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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