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  • Nimba Iron Ore, Guinea and Liberia

    Sable Mining Africa Ltd. obtained an iron ore mining concession in the Mount Nimba region of the Republic of Guinea, with Phase 1 of the project comprising the extraction of 3Mtpa DSO (Direct Shipping Ore) from the concession area. Iron ore product was to be transported from the mine site to the Port of Buchanan, from where it was then to

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    Sep 12, 2018 · Nimba (Yekepa) [Nimba] is ArcelorMittal's Liberia operations that include four deposits, Nimba, Mount Tokadeh, Mount Gangra and Mount Yuelliton. The deposits are approximately 111 kilometres north-east of the capital Monrovia ArcelorMittal has been mining DSO at Yekepa since 2011 and rails its product 250 km to the port at Buchanan.

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    Nimba Range, mountain chain extending in a southwest–northeast direction along the Guinea–Côte d'Ivoire–Liberia border. It reaches its highest elevation at Mount Nimba (5,748 feet [1,752 metres]). Surrounded by lowland rain forest to the south and savanna to the north, the mountains are the source

  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve - Guinea & Cote-D'ivoire ...

    But its protected status is compromised because the range contains some of the highest grade iron ore in the world, and mining interests have taken precedence in the Liberian sector and resulted in an extensive excision on the Guinean side. Other International Designation: MAB Biosphere Reserve Slideshow of the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

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    Apr 14, 2014 · Brazilian mining firm B&A Mineracao recently pulled out of talks to buy BHP Billiton's stake in Mount Nimba amid questions over Guinea's political stability and whether the government will ...

  • Liberia Mt Nimba Iron Ore Mining

    Mount Nimba - Mining Atlas - Explore the World of Mining. Mount Nimba is an Iron Ore Mine (Yekepa), also known as Yekepa, in Liberia owned by Arcelor Mittal General: The project delivered its first iron ore in July 2012 with production continuing to ramp up For more data on production, status, ownership, capex and other categories, see the data ...

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    This world's leading steel and mining company has both iron ore and metallurgical coal reserves in the Mount Nimba range in northern Liberia. Their -billion dollar mineral investments include building railways, roads, ports, electrical plants, housing facilities for .

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    Abstract. This research undertook to investigate the impacts of mining in mount Nimba, this formed the thesis statement. This was a secondary inquiry that undertook to conduct a comprehensivewritingsappraisal and document scrutiny.

  • Mount Nimba, Guinea / Ivory Coast / Liberia

    Guinea / Ivory Coast / Liberia UNESCO, the United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization, lists Mount Nimba as a strict nature reserve, meaning it cannot be used for cultivation, hunting, or mining.

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    Nimba is located in the North-East Region of the country. The size of Nimba is 4,650 square miles. In his book, Liberia Facing Mount Nimba, Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr. revealed that the name of the county "Nimba", originated from "Nenbaa ton" which means slippery .

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    CONSERVATION STATUS AND PROSPECTS: Mount Nimba has been on the List of World Heritage In Danger since 1992, and continues to face numerous serious threats. The area originally nominated for world heritage status was reduced in 1993 when a substantial enclave was excised from the Guinean part of the site for the development of an iron ore mine.

  • Responsible mining in Liberia's Nimba Mountains

    Responsible Mining in Liberia's Nimba Mountains. ... Mount Nimba lies at the intersection of Liberia, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. For 40 kilometers (25 miles), the Nimba Mountain range alternates between forests, savannas, rivers and grassy pastures that support hundreds of species. The area also supplies fresh water, food and wood for fuel ...

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    Mount Nimba is a 1 mile high iron ore mountain with the highest grade iron deposit in the world. It is also the location of important minerals. Iron ore mining on Mount Nimba accounts for approximately 1 per cent of the world production, currently set at around 900 million tons.

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