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  • How to Run Reports in Microsoft Project 2016 | UniversalClass

    To run a report, first click a report category, as we showed you in the last section. We are going to choose the Resources Category. Next, select a report. We are choosing Resource Overview just to show you how easy it is to run a standard report. When we click on Resource Overview, the report is generated for us in the Project 2016 window.

  • Missing tasks or assignments in task or usage report

    Apr 18, 2018 · On the Project menu, point to Outline, point to Show, and then click All Subtasks. To display hidden tasks' assignments in a Resource Usage view, or resourve assignments in a Task Usage view in Project 2010, follow these steps: On the View tab, click Resource Usage or Task Usage.

  • Create Custom Tables and Custom Views in MS Project

    Jul 21, 2018 · The delivered views on the Microsoft Project view bar include the Gantt chart, resource usage, task usage, and resource graph views. When you combine these views with the entry, cost, tracking, and variance tables, it can get confusing.

  • Valuable Initiative in Early Learning - VIEWS2

    Project VIEWS2, winner of the 2015 Washington Library Association President's Award, was conceived in response to public librarians and library directors across the state of Washington asking "how can we know whether the early literacy focus of our storytimes makes a difference for the children's learning to read successfully?"

  • Changing Views in Microsoft Project 2013:2010- Tutorial

    Changing Views in Microsoft Project 2013:2010- Overview When changing views in Microsoft Project, you have many different views of the project data available.The default view of a project file is called the "Gantt Chart" view of the project.