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    I recently took my first trip to India –– a National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures tour to Kerala. While we were there, we took in all the sights –– as most tourists do. We visited the old town of Kochi and the backwaters of Kerala, but we were also given the chance to meet many ...

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    Global Conservation Strategy for Cocos nucifera ... Ghana Coconut Programme, OPRI, Sekondi 16 4 15 14 4. Tanzania National Coconut Development ... and Kerala wilt in India. There is a need to identify, collect and conserve drought-tolerant germplasm, noting that almost all coconuts are grown in rainfed conditions. Finally, there is a

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    Coconut trunks are used for building small bridges and huts; they are preferred for their straightness, strength, and salt resistance. In Kerala, coconut trunks are used for house construction. Coconut timber comes from the trunk, and is increasingly being used as an .


    The coconut palm is the most important cash crop in the four coastal regions of Ghana (Greater Accra, Central, Volta and Western Region). Before 1920, coconut cultivation was confined to the Keta area. Its cultivation then spread to other areas of Ghana particularly along the coast (Wills 1962; Agble 1970).

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    E.G. Asante The economic relevance of plant disease and pest management in the Ghana Cocoa Industry. First International Cocoa Pests and Diseases Seminar, Accra, Ghana, 6-10 November 1995, pp288-301 US attache report on Ivory Coast cocoa. USDA, 7 February 2000 Crimmins, C. RTRS - Low prices threaten cocoa quality. Reuters, 1pp, 13 January 2000

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    Jun 27, 2016 · Cocoa is an important commercial bean crop from humid tropics. In India, this crop is grown as mixed crop in suitable regions. Kerala state of south India tops the production of cocoa beans in Indian continent. Ivory Coast is top producer of cocoa beans in the world. Usually, cocoa is grown as mixed crop in arecanut, coconut and oil palm gardens.

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    Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. It is known by various names in .