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  • Build Your Own Dry Creek Bed for Landscape Drainage or ...

    A dry creek bed made with stones improves yard drainage and helps prevent erosion. Learn how to build a bed that also looks great. ... In general, use the medium-size rocks to line the sides of the creek, and perhaps add an occasional rock or small grouping near the center.

  • Temporary Diversion Methods (TDM) SM-8 - UDFCD

    Temporary Diversion Methods (TDM) SM-8 June 2012 Urban Drainage and Flood Control District TDM-1 Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual Volume 3 Photograph TDM-1. This coffer dam, installed to allow grading and stabilization of the stream bank, consists of concrete blocks covered by an impermeable linear held in place by sand bags. Description

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    a. rills - small-scale grooves in the land surface b. drainage divides - ridges that control the direction of drainage c. Allegheny and Missouri rivers - form the Monongahela at Pittsburgh d. Delaware River basin - comprised of parts of five states


    drainage areas along with basic hydrologic design data. The location and sizes of the cross culverts are shown. Other pertinent drainage features such as existing major streams and wetlands and proposed drainage easements are included. The Drainage Map Sheet is a relatively small scale map showing very general drainage features.

  • Small-Scale Dewatering System Bags Sludge | WaterWorld

    Small-Scale Dewatering System Bags Sludge. A solids dewatering system designed for facilities producing less than 250 pounds of dry solids per day may provide a solids management solution for smaller municipalities. The system collects biosolids in porous polyethylene bags and stabilizes the solids through gravity and pressurization.

  • Drainage Guide | Step 3 : Plan + layout the French Drain.

    FIRST: In the side yard, we will only install half of the French drain system and a pair of small drywells to see if it corrects the drainage problem. TIP: the ... EasyDigging sells a variety of heavy-duty tools for

    May 01, 2012 · 5 Ways to Stop Runoff From Ruining Your Lawn. ... You can also use a French drain, a gravel-filled trench that may have a perforated pipe at the bottom. ... even on a small scale.

  • Drywells : Large and Small. How to install. OK to use?

    How to construct a small simple drywell. Sometimes a small drywell can eliminate a small soggy spot in a lawn, or a string of them in the bottom of a French drain can eliminate the need for a long drainage system opening into a ditch or other drainway. Fortunately they are also simple to construct.

  • Biggest cause of small-scale, local drainage issues? For ...

    Biggest cause of small-scale, local drainage issues? For Denham Springs, it's trash ... For weeks after the resurfacing process had finished, water failed to drain from the highway - until Denham ...