work holding specifically

  • Jergens Inc

    Jergens workholding products include a full line of workholding vises, quick change fixturing and tooling components for milling and machining as well as Hoist Rings for lifting, quick release pins and other fastener products.

  • Lock Miter Master Jigs - Router Bit Set-up Jigs - Router ...

    Set Up Perfect-Fitting Lock Miter Joints In Minutes! The patented Lock Miter Master Jig is a precisely-machined setup aid for use with lock miter router bits in your router table.

  • Edge & Toe Clamps

    Edge and toe clamps from MSC are great for securing a workpiece while still leaving it open for measuring, cutting and drilling and more. Toe clamps grip the side of the piece with significant positive down force without getting in the way. T-slot toe clamps do the same job, but are designed specifically to fit into the t-slots of machine tables.

  • The Design and Need for Jigs and Fixtures in Manufacturing ...

    Aug 04, 2015 · The application of jigs and fixtures in manufacturing operations lead to the production of faster, more accurate, and reliable products at a reduced cost. 2.1. Jig. A jig is a work-holding device that supports, holds, locates a work-piece and also guides .