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  • A fine line - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    COMMON If there is a fine line between two different activities or situations, there is a point at which they are very similar, often when one activity or situation is acceptable, and the other is not. There is a fine line between being nicely looked after and being fussed over too much. A new exhibition explores the fine line between genius and insanity.

  • calibrate - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary

    The word calibrate means making precise measurement. For example, you might want to calibrate your bathroom scale now and then to be sure it's adjusted for exact weight. Or calibrate it to read five pounds light. We won't tell.

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    Mar 29, 2019 · Of the approximately 1 million words in the English language, the average English speaker knows 60,000 of those words. Besides helping with spelling and word meanings, being able to use a dictionary effectively and regularly is a perfect way to improve your English language skills through the dictionary's range of other helpful information on everyday language usage and grammar.