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  • Ideas for Green Living: Eco-Friendly Landscaping

    Ideas for green living may begin with energy conservation and water conservation, but they must go beyond that. Thus the eco-friendly landscaping ideas that we will explore in this article extend to issues of environmental pollution and overuse of landfills, as well. At the conclusion of the article, furthermore, ten recycling ideas will be presented.

  • Mulch – The Smarter Like a Pro - DIY LAWN EXPERT

    Mowing is the most basic activity for maintaining your lawn. It contributes greatly to the appearance and curb appeal of your lawn and is essential to its' health and density as it stimulates the plants to produce new grow. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make your lawn immediately stand out without adding any time to your mowing ...

  • What's Eating my False Indigo Plant? | Growing Wild Nursery

    It's tempting when first discovering their virtues to jump on the plant collector's bandwagon and plant all the latest varieties. ... reach around an inch in length or have completely eaten their host plant They then form a cocoon on the ground under leaf litter or mulch Genista Broom moths The moths are tawny orange in color and about half ...

  • . Despite recognizing the importance of removing leaves and/or mulching them, some Mower

    The Virtue 53 PRO is a professional quality 53cm four wheeled petrol mower designed for the commercial user or demanding homeowner. Built for a long life, the Virtue 53 PRO rotary mower is fitted with a heavy duty front bumper and a steel inner deck liner which provide protection from knocks and bumps during use.

  • Deciduous Plants - Fact Sheets - you can use weed killers. By maintaining healthy grass you can prevent their coming back. When you completed reading this article you came to know how to get rid of weeds without killing grass. The natural way to get rid of weeds is the best option...

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