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  • ANIM- Animation | Webster University

    Jun 01, 2019 · ANIM 1020 3D Animation Production: Core Concepts (3) 3D animation production for media and games shares a particular knowledge base and set of procedures. This class introduces student to the skill and conventions that are the foundation of a career that leverages 3D computer-generated content.

  • Mike James Media™ 3D Catalog page

    3D Model Catalog. All models in this catalog were created by Mike James, using The Foundry's "MODO" software. IMPORTANT: Before purchasing any 3D model, see the info page here.This will show you my simple and fair licensing agreement, and will answer the most common questions about file formats, and how certain features transfer between them.

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    California State University East Bay Catalog. The Program/Degree Planner icon is a print-friendly checklist of program/degree requirements and is available via the catalog's full-website, located at the top of each page.

  • LEGO® 3D Catalogue - Apps on Google Play

    Aug 13, 2019 · Bring your LEGO® catalogue to life! You can use this app to view the new LEGO® products as entertaining 3D animations and explore them from all sides. Hold your phone or tablet over the product in the catalogue, where you see the yellow app icon with the minifigure in it. And off you go! Among the 3D animations you will find amusing little stories, great product features and 360° views of ...