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    Limestone tiles come in soft beige, cream, brown or tan, polished or natural. They are appropriate for bathrooms, fireplaces, countertops and flooring. Since limestone tiles don't have the pitting of travertine tiles, they don't need to be filled. They are heat-resistant and easy to clean and often used outdoors because of their porosity.

  • Different Types Of Stone Flooring - Limestone

    Stone Flooring Options. There aren't many building materials that match the natural beauty of stone. With its durability and classic mature, stone flooring is a favorite today and has been for many years. Stone flooring can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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    Limestone Floor Tile. The combination of pattern and tone that limestone floors offer the busy areas of your home is unbeatable. Unlike some types of flooring, a classic stone tile will last for years and stay stunning for just as long. Consider this timeless stone in high .

  • 11 Different Types of Flooring Explained (Definitive Guide)

    11 Different Types of Flooring Explained (Definitive Guide) Prev Article Next Article . ... Floor tiles are made from many different types of stone including marble, travertine, ledger, granite, slate and limestone. Softer stone likes sandstone won't resist moisture as .

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    Limestone tiles come in an array of colours and finishes, despite what many people think. From the neutral, ivory tones of the Light Jerusalem Tumbled Limestone to the characterful, colourful Umbrian Limestone there is something to suit every project. Tumbled or hand-distressed tiles give a rustic, aged quality creating the illusion of a time ...

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    Limestone tile comes in three basic finishes: honed, semi-polished and highly polished. However, unless it is a hardened grade of limestone, it will never polish to the degree of granites or marbles. Cleaning limestone tile starts with understanding what makes it dirty. Limestone is soft, porous and stains easily, it is also sensitive to hard ...

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